Tembua The Precision Language Solution
How does a CEO react to a resume?
Legislating through Compromise What Do We Do Now?
Lies, Exaggeration, and Fishing How Would You Handle an Angry Customer (Like Me)?
But I Saw it Online! LinkedIn Pro Finder
Why Do You Write Such Stupid, Harsh, Asinine, Dumb-Ass Comments? Politically Correct Language: Courtesy or Weakness?
Long Weekends and Artificial Intelligence The Language(s) of Growth
Moore's Law, Computers, and the Language Industry Does Europe have a Fourth of July?
Measure it with a Micrometer . . . Why do we stop for baby ducks?
Tips and Tricks for Laying Out a Document to be Translated What is a Thingie in Your Language?
Holding the Candle–Insult or Excuse? But How Good Are You At Being A Shrimp?
Dust Devils, Whirlwinds, and Tornados Just a Plain Hamburger on a Bun
Excellence, Football, Fran Tarkenton and Teamwork Lawn Care: The Whys of Quality
I Don't Know My Husband's Cellphone Number Pathology in Belgium
I am a Technology Illiterate International Women’s Day: I Do It For My Daughters
Planning Does Not Make It So Are customers incapable of managing their translation projects?
Train Your Employees Well:3 Simple Steps to Avoid Customer Complaints No Soup for Salad: A Lesson in Customer Service
A Dumb Phone Do NOT let them claim responsibility!!
Case study: is the new brand name offensive somewhere? Twice in 1 week: Quality vs. Price
Look it up in the dicker Reporting a possible scam
When do you say that's terrorism? The Chinese (non-)Conundrum
Tradeshows after the Great Recession Are we translating or interpreting?
It only took one rude barista Don't stop publishing but don't stop thinking
Ethics in translation and interpreting The machines have taken over
Interview with Paul Grant Interview with Jennifer
Don't pay for something that's free Do you have the Choctaw fonts installed?
Interview with Jacqueline Parkison The quality of words
Quality: How important are chocolate chip cookies? What language should Baby speak?
Phonetics in Leningrad In the phonetics lab
Telephonic Interpreting blog They don't understand the directions
How hard can it be to translate a website? Would you rather be one of ???
You're Certified, SO WHAT (Part 2) You're Certified, SO WHAT (Part 1)
There's sour cream on my taco My name is Patricia
5 steps to follow when you lose a client People who really know their stuff
My Pink Client How English is ruining innovation in Dubai
Setting up at Arab Health or BAA No Fish on the Train
My first taste of Dubai 11 customs to know when doing business in Dubai
Why can't I hear the French in Room 5? From Kansas to Kazakhstan
Pity poor English Free online translation--friend or foe?
Miss Ma'am Honey India meets Somalia at the post office
She never worked a day in her life The everyday perils of BAD translation
The open hand Thumbs and the World Cup
Termites and skyscrapers Deadbeat Clients--Part I
Working with a software engineer Deadbeat Clients--Part II
Language is ALIVE! Cables, cases, commotion, confusion, complexity, and calm
Before you go to vote Our good-enough world
The presidential language register Unemployment and immigration
The opposite of a smart phone You may be next in the unemployment line
Think about it: Hyperlinks Website security requirements are getting out of hand
The Savage Plant How do you treat your BAD customers?
Away in a manager: the proofreader's nightmare How hard can it be?
If you want to live (drawn from conversations) Our limited language
The hydro clock If life gives you floppy rubber lemons...
The Horsefly and the Badminton Racket We do not lie to our clients
Morphing pains Big fish, little fish
Nosh! The Butter Turkey
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